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2020 Goals and Systems

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After doing a 2019 in review, I wanted to set up some new routines for some extra discipline in my life for 2020.

Some systems that I want to set up:

  • Reading more.
  • Writing more.
  • Practicing mindfulness to achieve happiness.
  • Practicing clear and present leadership everyday I can (which is everyday).
  • Spending time with friends and loved ones.
  • Traveling more.
  • Working on projects that help me grow my technical acumen and skillset.
  • Giving back to my community (technical, city, or other ways).
  • Speaking up in the community, at start up events, or technical events.
  • Maintaining a healthy life – through daily walks, working out, and getting back to training jiu jitsu 3 times a week.

Now, those are my systems. Based on those systems, I’d like to achieve some goals:

  • Have listened (audible) to 40 books this year.
  • Have read (physical or kindle) 40 books this year.
  • Have finished writing a book draft for my first book.
  • Writing at least 2 blog posts a month.
  • Have been present and aware as much as I could physically and mentally.
  • Practicing leadership with people I mentor or in the community.
  • Camped 10 different sites with friends and family.
  • Traveled to two countries this year.
  • Completed a meaningful project that helps people sell their used goods.
  • Given a talk at Ignite Boulder.
  • Have spoke at one technical conference.
  • Get back to a healthy 185lbs and be healhy enough to train jiu-jitsu 3 times a week consistently.

I realize many of these goals seem binary, and thus, hard to measure. I will measure them by marking a calendar with the days that I achieve the above conditions. By the end of the year, I should see a high percentage of successes in the goals.

Stop, Start, Continue

I just read the QBQ 3-step upgrade post about how to ‘be a better me’. I wanted to try out that exercise here.

I will stop doing

  • Complaining about things unless I’m willing to act on it.
  • Playing the victim card. I am taking full accountability.
  • Accusing other people for things that make me unhappy, I will make that my internal focus.
  • Doing things that do not bring me joy.
  • Masking my anger by using sarcasm.

I will start doing

  • Measuring what matters to me – my reading, my exercise, my habits.
  • Taking accountability for my actions.
  • Doing more self-care activities, like physical therapy, exercise, etc.
  • Doing more, talking less.
  • Living more by a budget.
  • Practicing randicle candor.
  • Reaching out to my parents on a daily/weekly cadence.

I will continue doing

  • Being kind whenever possible, it’s always possible
  • Helping others when I can (the idea: in order to survive you, I must first survive myself)
  • Reaching out to others to give positive reinforcement.
  • Being a supportive son and brother to my family. Being a supportive person to my friends.